A 529 with $642,128 by year 2031 and other important numbers..
    Exactly 8 weeks young today.  Ten diapers and 24 ounces of milk daily.  Doctor visits (a minimum of six in the first year), immunization shots (49 doses of 14 vaccines before age 6), and a house constantly at 70 degrees- be it winter or summer.  All this and more is the price tag he comes with.

Birthday parties, Christmas gifts, back-to-school clothes, and a hundred and one more expenses.  Summer vacations, orthodontic work, piano lessons, and a host of other must-haves.

But on top of everything else is the frightening reality of higher education.  Still about seventeen years away, but it's already rearing its ugly head.    Taking inflation into account, by the time he hits college, a year's tuition, room and board at Duke University in North Carolina is, get ready for it- $160,532 (or about PHP 6.9 million).  Yes.  That.  Amount.  Is.  Per.  Year. 

Enter the 529 college plan.  In the hopes of making a little dent* on that cost, we're saving a bit here and there to his 529.  Enteng will also be spending birthdays at home, getting haircuts from his dad, and donning his Kuya Riley's hand-me-down clothes.     

As for Eric, he's permanently giving up any notions about a 425 horsepower 3.0 liter TwinPower Turbo M4 coupe. And as for me, I'm letting go of that Amanpulo dream vacation.

Enteng might never end up in 9,000 acre-wide Duke University where they field 26 NCAA Division 1 varsity sports teams.  But wherever it is he will eventually find himself in, his 529 will give him a bit of a head start and a leg up.

*If you're interested in adding to that dent, please consider contributing to Enteng's 529 in lieu of birthday or Christmas gifts of toys or clothes.  Early on, Eric and I will try to curb his childish appetite for toys and more toys.  And as much as we can, Enteng will also be shielded from electronics and video game consoles.  Hopefully- if we do it right, the "toys" he will enjoy are sports, nature, and the outdoors.  The 529 contribution form is here.  And to encourage Eric and I to save even more, we're also doing a 100% match on all contributions, up to $100.
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