A Spanish friar, a Philippine president, and the other characters lurking in his family tree..
    Enteng's line can be traced six generations deep.  It started off with a priest who belonged to the Order of Friars Minor- Fray Jose Esparragosa.  Parish priest of Baler in 1840, he spearheaded various engineering projects that have now become historical landmarks.  The irrigation system he put in place still supplies water to three barangays today.  But there was a rent in this man of the cloth's armour.  He lived an amorous relationship with Brigida Molina and sired five children.  When the Catholic Church learned of this, he was banished to far-off province Laguna- where he eventually passed away in 1863.

Enteng is also a great-great-grand-nephew to Manuel Quezon, first President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines.  Manuel Quezon was the first Senate president elected to the presidency, first president elected through a national election, and first incumbent president to win through re-election.  Ironically, his father, Lucio Quezon, was loyal to the Spanish colonizers and was eventually killed by the Katipuneros.  His voice, calling out from the ages, can be heard here.  And apparently, Fray Esparragosa's influence was not diluted in the genetic wash. President Quezon, together with General Douglas MacArthur, frequently closed the pre-war Santa Ana Cabaret.  Rumor has it that a number of the carnival queens became his girlfriends. 
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