Enteng will get to know you 17 years from now..
    Write Enteng an email which he will get to read when he turns 17 or on the day he first goes off to college- whichever comes first.  We're not giving him the password to the email account until then.

Yes, grandparents, we're talking to you.  You will be well into your 90's by then and the eyesights might not be as dependable, so please write him an email today.  Yes, you too- aunts and uncles who are so caught up with work, raising your own children, and the other 1,001 things in between.  Please raise that number to 1,002 and squeeze an email for Enteng somewhere in there too.  And yes, brother, sister, and cousins- you're in this too.  You guys are all still teenagers or kids right now.  In 17 years, you will be adults, but Enteng would love to hear your voices while you're still young.

So let Enteng know you- write him.  TheRealEnteng@gmail.com
    A 529 with $642,128 by year 2031 and other important numbers..    
    A Spanish friar, a Philippine president, and the other characters lurking in his family tree..    
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