Our Thanks  
Thanks for being the first to RSVP. -Ace and Kit
Thanks for exploding with happiness when you found out about our engagement. -RJ
Thanks for marriage advice written on pretty yellow paper plates. -Ate Joy

"The first time you cook, burn it.  So that Eric will be forced to just always do the cooking."  -Lisa Gonzalez, Sister/Sister-in-Law

Thanks for having a ready and enthusiastic "yes" when we asked you to be part of our entourage. -Tricia
Thanks for traveling 6,679 miles and back. -Chai and Leigh
Thanks for picking us up at the airport in a white stretch Hummer and arguing with hotel security to open up the driveway meant for tourist buses so we could fit.  Hahaha, that was such a trip! -Japs and Nina

"We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience."  -August Samala, Makati Shangri-La Front Office Day Manager

Thanks for helping us with wedding errands.   -Ate Aline and Pam
Thanks for midnight marathon phone calls. -who else, but Mother?
Thanks for enduring 8 hours of sea travel to Boracay. -Jeanette
Thanks for beautiful native picture frames made out of capiz and sentimiento plants. -Gonzaleses and Jaros
Thanks for dancing and tequila-ing with us. -Gonzaleses
Thanks for helping us wolf down 10,000 clubhouse sandwiches in the after-party. -Alanas
Thanks for clans coming in full force. -Everybody!

"Usually, only about 14 people or so attend the church rehearsal here.  So wow, your families must be very close to each other."  -Philip Sison, Wedding Photographer.

Thanks for teaching Eric how to open a beer bottle with uhhm- not a bottle opener, but with another bottle.  Skills like that can save lives. -Dennis/Marlon/Ardie/OG
Thanks for loving our cake and still enthusiastically looking for leftovers the next day. -Tita Ayds

"Charie, may cake pa?"  -Aida Gatdula, Aunt/Aunt-in-Law

Thanks for shoving anybody and everybody just so you could catch the bouquet.  Yes, you can't hide- it's been caught on stills here. -Precy
Thanks for gamely taking on "More Than a Woman" and giving Eric a run for his money on the dance floor. -Ate Bee
Thanks for indulging David.  He couldn't decide who gave him a better time- the Lauretas or the Alanas. -Lauretas and Alanas

"I want to retire in the Philippines"  -David Laureta, Best Man

Thanks to three handsome readers and to the fourth absolutely stunning one. -Quino, Luis, Bryan, and Anica
And lastly, thanks for the man that just made us laugh the whole canonical interview that it was hard to face him during confession (we thought he would crack another joke in the middle of the Act of Contrition or something..).   

"For a marriage to work, do what the other does not want to do.  Kung ayaw nyang matulog, eh di ikaw ang matulog.  Kung ayaw nya maghugas ng pinggan, eh di ikaw maghugas ng pinggan.."  -Fr. Magloire Placer, Holy Rosary Parish Priest Extraordinaire



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