Entourage ABCs
A is for Address  - We need your postal mailing address so that we can mail the cloth you will need for your clothes.  If you haven't given this to us yet, please do so at once.  Cloths will only be sent to the Bestman, Groomsmen, Matron of Honor, Bridesmaids, Bearers, and Flowergirls.  As for the Principal Sponsors, Secondary Sponsors, and the Liturgical Entourage, please refer to the FAQs for more information about  what you can wear. 

B is for Boy's Clothes - The boys (Groomsmen and Bearers) will each receive a light brown cloth for their barong and another dark brown cloth for their pants.  The light brown cloth for the barong will already have the embroidery stiched on. 

Your barong will sport a Chinese collar.  Please have your tailor pattern the details after the image shown here.  You can click on the image, and it will open in a separate and bigger window so that you can see the details better.  Please don't let the image confuse you that you end up using a white cloth for the barong.  Again, you will use the light brown cloth we will provide to you.  No white cloth will be provided to you.  Only the Groom will be wearing a white barong. 

The pants will have a plain front.  No pleats.  No cuffs.  Please wear brown shoes.

C is for Confetti - After the mass and the recessional, Bella and Shelley- you guys will need to distribute confetti cones to the wedding guests.  There will be confetti stations outside the church.  Then please come back when you're done as we will be taking  pictures of the entourage inside the church.

C is also for Church Rehearsal - Both the Wedding Entourage and the Liturgical Entourage are requested to attend the church rehearsal.  To get the rehearsal done in record time, we'd like to keep the attendees to a manageable number.  As such, only members of both entourages are required to be present.  The church rehearsal will be on March 2, 2012, Friday at 5:00 PM.  We're making it a bit late for the sake of those flying into Boracay only on that Friday afternoon.

D is for Dinner Chill-out - As a way of expressing gratitude to people who've joined the Wedding Entourage (Principal Sponsors, Veil/Cord/Candle Sponsors, Best Man, Matron of Honor, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Bearers, and Flowergirls) and the Liturgical Entourage (Lector, Readers, and Offertory Sponsors), Charie's parents are hosting a dinner buffet for all 46 of you at Willy's Resort in Station 1.  This will happen right after the church rehearsal.  It will be pretty informal, so don't break out your suits and gowns yet.  Flip-flops a must.  We'll all just walk from the church to Willy's as they're literally only a few steps apart. 

E is for Event Management - If you need help with anything during the wedding (Ring Bearer lost and/or swallowed the ring, Bridesmaid's dress tore, someone's throwing up in the bathroom, a guest is doing the Cha Cha all wrong, etc.), please find Amanda Tirol, our event coordinator, right away.  Amanda has heartily agreed to take away the Groom's and Bride's headaches for that day.  If you can't find Amanda, she will have staff members flittering and fluttering throughout the day.  You can approach them as well. 

F is for Floor Runner - After the Wedding Entourage enters the Church- Mikki and Dennis- you guys would be in charge of unrolling the runner.  Once you reach the closed doors of the church, just go around the pews to get back to your seat.  The church doors will then open, and the Bride will begin her processional.

F is also for Flowers - Since they will all be getting ready at Shangri-La and will be taking preliminary pictures there as well, our florist will deliver flower accessories to Shangri-La for the following:  Groom, Bride, Parents of the Bride, Best Man, Matron of Honor, Groomsmen, and Bridesmaids.  Please make sure that you do not accidentally forget your flower pieces at the hotel!

On the other hand, our florist will deliver flower accessories at Holy Rosary Church for the following:  Principal Sponsors, Secondary Sponsors (veil, cord, candles), Bearers, and Flowergirls.  Please note that members of the Liturgical Entourage (Lector, Readers, and Offertory Sponsors) will not receive any flower accessories. 

G is for Girl's Clothes - The girls will each receive a yellow cloth for their dress and another dark brown cloth for their accents (belt/sash, slip, and other accents like flowers or bows).  Feel free to inject your own ideas and personalities into the accents (wider belts/sash, hair ribbons, etc.).  Please don't let the image on the right confuse you that you end up using the brown cloth for the dress itself.  Again, the brown cloth will just be for accents.  The dress itself will be yellow.

There will be 3 Bridesmaids from the Groom's side and 3 from the Bride's.  Each set of 3 should coordinate amongst themselves about which one will sport which style.  You can choose from the 3 styles shown in the image here- halter, boat neck, or strapless.  Each of the 3 Bridesmaids should have a different style.  The length of the dress should be right below the knee. 

Flowergirls can choose any style from the image, but the lower part of their dress will have tulle and so will be more bouffant.  Their dress will be ankle-length. 

We will provide matching dark brown shoes for all the girls.  Please trace your foot size on paper and scan/email that out to us.

H is for Hair and Makeup -   Victor Ortega Salon will be available for hair and makeup services.  The cost is PHP 1,500 for both services.  Likewise, the Bride's cousin, Aline Inciong, will be available too.  Aline's hair and makeup packages start at PHP 1,000.  If you want to do your own hair and makeup, that is fine as well.  Please let the Bride know weeks beforehand if you want to avail of hair and makeup services so that appointments can be made.

All the girls will need to get ready and get dressed in Shangri-La.  Please plan to be at the Bride's villa at 10:00 AM.  There will be brunch as well.  Picture taking of the female entourage begins at 1:00 PM.  The girls then leave together for the church at 2:00 PM.

All the boys will be getting ready in the Sinta Room near the Courtyard.  Please be there at 11:00 AM.  Brunch will be available too.  Picture taking for the male entourage begins at 12:00 PM.  The boys then leave together for the church at 1:30 PM.

I is for Ice Water -   Kuya Ardie and Timmy, since the male entourage will be at the church at around 1:45 PM, you will be in charge of distributing bottled ice water and entourage sheets to the guests that are already there.  Hopefully, these will help them beat the heat and humidity.  The entourage sheets that double as fans will help  the guests know who's who when the processional begins. 

J is for Jigsaw -   It's a puzzle alright.  So for all our benefits, let's keep in mind the flow of the church and reception ceremonies.  Here is how the pieces fit:

1.  Processional - Take your proper place so that the line can start moving.  If you don't know your spot, you either a) did not attend the church rehearsal the night before; or b) had too much mimosa from that morning's brunch. 

2.  Bride's Entrance - After the runner is laid, Charie and her parents  will do their thing.

3.  Church Ceremony - This is the mass itself and the wedding rites. 

4.  Recessional - Immediately after the church ceremony, the Groom and Bride will lead the recessional with the rest of the entourage and the wedding guests right behind them.  Eric and Charie will stop by the church doors and  will then have the chance to- for the first time as a married couple- greet everyone as they exit out. 

5.  Picture-taking Session - After the greeting line is exhausted, we all head back inside the church and break out the cameras!  Principal Sponsors, please note that it is around this time when coordinators will lead you away to a nearby nifty little area where you can sign the wedding contract. 

6.  Confetti Throwing - The couple exits the church.

7.  Picture-taking Session (Hotel) - After the confetti throwing, the entire Wedding Entourage needs to immediately go back to the hotel.  We will take further pictures of the entire wedding party  there.  The wedding guests will be enjoying cocktail hour at this time, but it's important that we start promptly so they don't wait too long for us.

8.  Reception Entrance - To start off the reception, the Wedding Entourage and the couple will be introduced.  Again, we all need to take our proper places in the line.

9.  First Dance - The couple takes the floor.

10. Dinner - We all didn't have a proper lunch and didn't get to enjoy the cocktails.  This is when we get even.

11. Speeches - Matron of Honor and Best Man- it's both your moments.

12. Bouqet and Garter Toss - Please help us out in inviting single males and females to participate in this activity. We'll have a little twist to this though.  Details on the day-of.

13. Cake-Cutting - And cake-eating!

14. Closing - The couple offer their thanks and what-nots.

K is for Keeping Guests Busy - Koko and Ohgie, before the church ceremony begins, you guys will be distributing game cards and pencils to the guests.  It's a pretty fun (we think!) and low-key activity to keep the guests busy while they're waiting.  The game continues on during cocktail hour so they don't get bored while waiting for the reception to begin.  You two guys better understand the dynamics of the game really well so you can answer any and all questions! :)  Don't worry- you won't be managing/hosting the game.  You basically just have to distribute the items, answer questions from confused guests, and they're on their own!  And we'll certainly prep you during the dinner rehearsal. 

L is for Lines and More Lines -   We would like to have a proper Communion Line.  Isay and Jeanette- before communion begins, please immediately stand up by the side of each pew on the first row.  You will then usher that first row to form two lines.  Once the first row is in line, move back to the second row and usher them into the lines as well.  And so on and so forth. 

Izza and Pam- we will need your help with the Recessional Line.  It's almost the opposite of the Communion Line where  you would have to position yourselves near the last occupied row of pews.  You will not be ushering anybody out of their rows.  But basically, you want to make sure that no other guests or members of the entourage get up to leave before the Groom and Bride make their exit.  Your position near the last occupied pews will give you an ideal spot to see the guests and stop them (if necessary)  from exiting.  The Groom and Gride will be followed by the occupants of the first rows of pews, followed by the second, and so on and so forth. 

M is for Measurement -   We guess most of you will have a professional seamster/seamstress measure you for your clothes.  But for entourage members who reside outside the Philippines but will still have their clothes made in the Philippines, please take your own measurements and either Facebook or email Charie your numbers.  When you get to the Philippines in February or March 2012, your dress/barong will be ready.

Here you go, girls.

1.  Shoulder to shoulder: Measure in a straight line from the outer edge from one shoulder to the other.
2.  Bust: Under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest (usually on your nipple area). Wrap the tape around your back and forward to the fullest part of your bust.
3.  Natural waist: Around the narrowest part of your torso. This is one of the areas we tend to pull in when itís exposed. That's natural. But we need to find the exact waist measurement, so avoid holding your breath.
4.  Hips: Measure around the widest part of your hips (usually the area where your hip bones are located). This should be done with your feet close together.
5.  Rise: Measure from your natural waist down to your crotch. Hold the tape a little loose, gently pull it through the legs (from your crotch, between your legs) and up to the same level as your natural waist.
6.  Inseam: For ankle-length dresses, measure from crotch to the inside of your ankle. For tea-length dresses, measure from crotch to just below your knee.

Boys, here's your guide.  (Images below borrowed from www.barongsrus.com.)

Measure around the lower part of your neck, placing one finger between tape measure and neck.   Measure from one edge of the shoulder to the other, across the back.  If you are wearing a shirt that fits well, measure shoulder seam to seam.   Measure around the fullest part of the chest.
Measure around the fullest part of the waist.   Measure around the fullest part of your hips.   Measure around your wrist bone.
Measure with arm at your side, from the tip of the shoulder to the mid-palm of your hand   Measure from shoulder tip to bottom of armhole to shoulder tip   Measure around your arm, under the armpit.


  Measure from center of back of the neck, down to the bottom of your rear-end.

N is for No Need -   Because of van allocation logistics, there will be no need for the following to first go to Shangri-La where the Wedding Entourage is getting ready.  They can just go directly to the church from their respective hotels.  These include:  1) Liturgical Entourage (Lector, Readers, and Offertory Sponsors) ; 2)  Principal Sponsors (Ninongs and Ninangs) ; and 3) Secondary Sponsors (Veil, Candle, and Cord Sponsors).    Likewise, Bearers and Flowergirls can go straight to the church as well.  Even if these kids are part of the Wedding Entourage, it will be hard to separate them from their parents for more than a couple of hours.     

This is as far as the alphabet will take us.
If you have any further questions on topics we have not tackled here,
please Facebook or email us.

Thanks, you guys!





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