1. Why Boracay?

The first choice was really Coron, Palawan. Our March 2011 vacation there left us so impressed with its unspoilt beauty, majestic limestones, clear blue waters, and all the other 101 Travel and Leisure magazine cliches.

But the logistics of holding a reception there (read: restrooms in an uninhabited island) looked too daunting. So what's next in line? Boracay. (Heard from a local that they don't like it being called Bora.  Thanks, Kirbs!).

2. Why March 3, 2012?

We don't know why. We just picked a date about a year away from when Eric proposed. It had to be the most insignificant date that held absolutely no meaning for us. But it had to be a Saturday- for obvious reasons. And it had to be in March so we avoid the heavy tourist summer seasons of April and May.

3. What are your wedding colors?

Our colors are shades of browns and muted yellows. With the browns, we're trying to get the vibe and feel of fall which is Charie's favorite season. And yellows just work so well with browns.

4. What is your theme?

The theme is rustic but not too native. Think dark wood, think SM Kultura, think twine and pulp.

5. What do I wear?

It is a destination wedding in a tropical country, so women can wear tea-length cocktail dresses if they want. But since the reception will be in a formal ballroom, they can of course still strut their stuff and wear long gowns and such. Men can choose between a barong or a suit. Feel free to use our wedding colors in your attire. And let's reserve wearing white for what's-their-names-again? ..Ah yes, Eric and Charie.

6. How do I send my RSVP?

In the interest of saving the Earth's finite resources, we opted not to send out traditional RSVP cards and envelopes. You can choose to believe that, or you can see right through us and know that we just weren't up to printing, collating, and then receiving back volumes and volumes more of those things. So you can send your RSVP by going to our website at www.EricAndCharie.com (where you obviously are right now) and clicking on the RSVP link.  And instead of using up trees and paper, we end up gobbling bandwidth and electricity. Same difference.

8.  Will it be alright to share in documenting your special event by taking pictures and videos during the ceremony and reception?

Certainly!  We most absolutely welcome you to!  We would love to see pictures taken not just of us but of the other guests as well.  Having said that though, we are also tied down to contracts we have signed with our official photographer and videographer.  To ensure the quality of their work, they have politely requested that while they are shooting a certain subject, no other pictures and videos should be taken of that same subject.  Flashes from other cameras might affect the shots that they will be taking.  They would also need free and unencumbered movement while on the floor.  Please allow them the choice spots so that they can angle for the best effects.  We are sure that, as creatures of perfection yourselves when it comes to taking great shots, you most certainly understand their request.  Cues will be given by a coordinator as to when guests are free to take pictures and videos. 

9. How do I get to the ceremony and  to the reception?  How will I get back to my hotel?

If you're staying at Shangri-La, there will be vans that will transport us to the church. If you're staying at another hotel, we can arrange for van pick up for you and other non Shangri-La guests at a pre-set time in a few pick-up points.  Either way, please let us know where you will be staying so we know how to allocate the vans and set the most logical pick-up points.

10.  I'm not part of the wedding entourage but would like to have my hair and make up done.  How can this be arranged?

Hair and make up services from Victor Ortega's salon is available for PHP 1,500.  The bride's cousin, Aline Inciong, who is a professionally-trained make up artist will also be available.  Hair and make up from Aline start at PHP 1,000.  Please let the bride know weeks beforehand if you need these services so that appointments can be made.

11.  Where can i find help with my Manila/Boracay  flight booking as well as with my Boracay hotel booking?

Our wedding coordinator, Amanda Tirol, will be more than happy to assist you with your flight and hotel bookings.  Please contact her directly at amandatirol@yahoo.com.  She knows the island from top to bottom and from left to right.  You will be in very good hands.

If at all possible, please plan to be in Boracay a day before the wedding.  We also suggest flying in via Caticlan airport (not Kalibo airport which adds another 2 hour van ride to your trip).  On the day of your departure from Boracay, you might also want to book an early flight out.  We unwisely booked a 6 PM flight out on our last trip there and got slammed with our airline's so-called Sunset Policy.  This policy means that your flight will be routed to leave from Kalibo when cloudy and/or rainy conditions occur because some planes are not equipped with night landing/take off gear.

12.  I want to stay at the hotel where the reception will be held.  Do  you have group rates at Shangri-La?

Yes, we do.  You can avail of group rates by mentioning that you are our wedding guest.  To avail of the group rates below, please call Shangri-La Boracay directly at (63 36) 288 4988.  May we request that you book your room/s well in advance to ensure availability. 

Accommodation Max Occupancy Max Occupancy Max Occupancy Rate
Type Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Per Night
Deluxe 2 adults & 2 children 3 adults & 1 child None PHP 10,620
Deluxe Seaview 2 adults & 2 children 3 adults & 1 child None PHP 11,880
Premier Beachfront * 3 adults & 2 children 4 adults & 1 child None PHP 15,880
Seaview Suite 2 adults & 2 children 3 adults & 1 child None PHP 20,160
Treehouse Villa 3 adults None None PHP 23,100
Loft Villa 2 adults & 2 children 3 adults & 1 child 4 adults PHP 25,200
Pool Villa 2 adults & 2 children 3 adults & 1 child None PHP 26,250
Villa Balani 4 adults & 2 children 5 adults & 1 child 6 adults PHP 57,800

The rates above are inclusive of breakfast buffet and roundtrip land and sea transfers from Caticlan for 2 adults and accompanying children (11 years old and below).  Extra adults pay a rate of PHP 2,000 plus taxes and service charge per person per night to avail of breakfast buffet and roundtrip land and sea transfers from Caticlan.  Taxes are roughly 12% for VAT, .5% for local government tax, and 10% for service charge. 

*Premier Beachfront is also known in the Shangri-La website as Premier Family Seaview.

And incidentally, out of the 109 Shangri-La hotels in the world, Shangri-La Boracay Resorts & Spa occupies the fourth spot  in the Shangri-La brand's  Top Ten Picture Perfect Places.  The Paris and Maldives hotels, which are newer than the Boracay hotel, understandably have the first two spots.  The Sydney hotel is at third.  Plus interestingly enough, Mactan Resort and Spa in Cebu rounds up the list at tenth.  Apart from China, the Philippines is the only country with two hotels on that list.  Yey.

13.  I'm not familiar with Boracay at all.  Can you give me a crash course about the island?

Boracay is a bone-shaped island about an hour’s flight away from Manila. It has two main beaches- White Beach and Bulabog Beach. In 2007, Yahoo Travel placed Boracay as the #1 most popular beach destination in the world- besting even Nassau, Montego Bay, and Honolulu.  And more recently, Boracay made it to the 4th spot in Travel+Leisure magazine's 2011 World's Best Islands. 

White Beach, which is roughly 2 miles long, is where majority of the hotels are. There are three sections here- Station 1, 2, and 3.

Station 1. This is the area where you will find luxury hotels. The accommodations are expensive but with premium quality and service to match. The beach is at its widest in Station 1, so the hotels here have more extensive beach fronts.

Station 2. This is the restaurant, shopping, and entertainment heart of White Beach where most of the action on the island takes place. D'Mall, a collection of hundreds of small shops and restaurants, is also here. Needless to say, this area gets very crowded and noisy. Mid-priced accommodations are widely available here.

Station 3. This is the least developed section where budget accommodations can be found. Because of its distance away from Station 2, it is a lot more quiet here. But recently, more upscale accommodations have been developed to take advantage of the area’s more relaxed atmosphere.

Shangri-La does not belong to any of the three stations. It is located by itself on the northernmost tip of the island.

On the other side of White Beach is Bulabog Beach. Because of its unique wave breaking reefs and ideal wind situations, Bulabog Beach is the wind sports center of the island. It has also been hailed as Asia’s best kiteboarding location.

More information on Boracay is available at Wikitravel and My Boracay Guide.

14.  I'm overwhelmed with hotel choices!  Do you have recommendations for what hotel to stay in at Station 1?

Our coordinator, Amanda Tirol, provided the list below.  Please note that prices may change without prior notice.  But as of press time (August 2011) , the rates below are good to go.  If you find something you like, contact Amanda directly at amandatirol@yahoo.com so that availability can be checked.  Also note that some rates here may or may not be the published rates on each hotel's websites.  To get the rates listed here, you will need to arrange booking with Amanda.  Please inquire with Amanda as well about taxes/service charges and rates for extra persons sharing in the room.

Boracay Terraces

Deluxe Double 3 pax PHP 5,500
Deluxe Queen 3 pax PHP 5,500
Apartelle Suite 6 pax PHP 5,500
Presidential Suite 6 pax PHP 7,500

Discovery Shores

Junior Suite 2 pax PHP 13,300
One Bedroom Suite 2 pax PHP 16,400
One Bedroom Premiere 2 pax PHP 18,900
Two Bedroom Suite 4 pax PHP 21,900
Two Bedroom Premiere 4 pax PHP 24,400

Las Brisas

Superior Room 2 pax PHP 3,800
Deluxe Room 2 pax PHP 4,200
Suite B 3 pax PHP 6,500
Suite A 3 pax PHP 7,000

Sur Beach Resort

Superior Beachfront 3 pax PHP 7,056
Family Room 4 pax PHP 7,056
Superior Room 2 pax PHP 5,544
Standard Triple Room 3 pax PHP 5,040
Standard Double Room 2 pax PHP 4,032

Two Seasons

Superior Room 2 pax PHP 5,500
Deluxe Room 2 pax PHP 7,500
Deluxe Grand 4 pax PHP 9,500
Junior Suite 2 pax PHP 11,000
Family Suite Veranda 6 pax PHP 12,500
Family Suite Pool Access 6 pax PHP 14,500
Family Grand Veranda 8 pax PHP 15,500
Family Grand Pool Access 8 pax PHP 17,500

White House Beach Resort

Island Path Cottage 2 pax PHP 3,555
Deluxe Room 2 pax PHP 4,590
Super Deluxe Room 2 pax PHP 6,570
Family Room 4 pax PHP 7,065
Beach House Ground Floor 4 pax PHP 8,100

Other notable Station 1 hotels include:  Fridays, Sea Wind, and Estacio Uno.

15.  What about Station 2 and Station 3 recommendations?

Here is an 80 KB PDF file listing more hotels in Stations 1, 2, and 3.  

16.  What hotels/resorts are close to the church?

Holy Rosary Church is located in Station 1.   The church is right behind Willy's Beach Club Hotel and Boracay Plaza.  Within a comfortable walking distance to the church are beachfront properties Estacio Uno, Pearl of the Pacific, and True Home Hotel.  On the other hand, non-beachfront properties Escondido and Boracay Breeze are also within a comfortable walking distance to the church. 

17.  What's the temperature like?

Boracay temperature in March gets very hot.  Please keep this in mind when thinking of what you want to wear to the ceremony.  Average March temperature is from a low of 70°F to a high of 90°F.  Add the humidity into the mix, and you certainly don't want to be rocking a tuxedo at the church.  You're safe at the reception though since it will be in an air-conditioned ballroom. 

18.  Do you have kid-friendly meals at the reception for my 4-year old?

Yes, we do.  In fact, children 11 years old and below have their own special kids menu.   Please let us know what your child will want to eat at the reception so that we can pre-order for them.  We certainly don't want these kids to get hungry and feisty while waiting for their food.  The menu is here

19.  Help!  My flight has been delayed, and I might not make it to the ceremony on time.  Or my hotel has no record of my reservation, so now I'm left high and dry with no accommodations.  Or where is the van that's supposed to pick us up at the hotel? 

For any and all problems, please contact our wedding coordinator Amanda Tirol.  Her cellphone numbers are  (63917) 5336293 and (63917) 6262632.




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