Our Story
The Groom - Eric is contemplative, private, and not outwardly emotional. Even though good looking and is known to show off his crip-walking prowess every now and then, vanity is not his style. And yes, Eric loves to vacation. He gets a great deal of pleasure in just being lazy. When he goes on vacation, he really goes on vacation!

The Bride - Charie is very competitive. She is unpredictable and, as Eric knows only too well, has a slightly volatile temper. She is aggressive yet calm, warm-hearted yet terrifying, and gentle yet mystifying in all the unexpected places (weee, what does that mean exactly?!).

So there! Plagiarized right off of the Internet, you've just read a description of the Wood Snake and Taurus that is Eric. And the Wood Tiger and Gemini that is Charie. We think Zodiac and Chinese horoscopes are a load of bull crap, but they certainly helped in filling this page up!

But ok, ok, for the truly interested- here are some useless facts. Eric was born in Manila, Philippines but at age 7 relocated to New Brunswick, New Jersey. Not until when he turned around 40 years old did he feel the absolute need to reconnect with his native land again. So after many, many years, he finally went home to the Philippines for a visit in 2006. He came back from that short vacation and happily draped a Philippine flag in his bedroom.

Charie was born in Lucena City, raised in Paranaque, then oddly found herself in Metuchen, New Jersey at age 24. She always knew she would end up with a Filipino guy but was curious enough about the non-Filipino variety as well. Eric was a perfect specimen- American in twang and attitude and outlook. But still decidedly Filipino in humor, palate, and family ties.

Eric likes Paul Pierce. Charie is a stalker of Ray Allen's. Eric introduced Charie to football and the Minnesota Vikings. Charie introduced him to Catcher in the Rye and reading for pleasure. When they get together to eat, it's over. Eric has a feminine streak in how he likes to shop for drapes and duvets at stores like Pier One and Linens n Things (guess who picked out 99% of the items in the Crate and Barrel wedding registry?).  Charie has a masculine streak in how she likes to taunt other cars while on a stoplight to a little speed test (guess who gets bored and sleepy when Eric's driving?).  So it goes beyond being each other's best friends, soul mates, or any other corny compatibility thing like that- they think they are the imperfect male/female versions of each other.

They lavishly spent their first month anniversary at a grandiose White Castle where Eric stuffed himself silly with the little burgers.  Charie still has the $15.57 receipt.  For economy's sake, they stopped celebrating anniversaries after that first month, only give Christmas gifts every *other* year, and for the life of them, cannot remember if they've even ever  given birthday gifts to each other.  And please- if you value your life and that of your immediate family's, don't even begin to talk to them about Valentine's Day.



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