Here's our list of vendors pulled together and gathered from referrals, untiring Google searches, and the like.  Because of our dietary restrictions and/or any other such non-existent reasons, the damage for some items will be made known only after the wedding.

Groom's Attire - It's still a toss-up between the aptly-named or a 3-day turnaround at this Paranaque tailor. It will be $89.99 if from the online store.  But Paranaque's an even better steal at around $18, can you believe that?!?  Cloth and embroidery not included in the $18 though.  (Eric ended up paying $35 for his barong and pants.  He was measured on the morning of the 28th and went back for the final fitting and pick-up the next day, on the afternoon of the 29th.  Not half bad.)

Bride's Attire - Charie doesn't want to spend anything over $350 for a dress which she will only get to wear once. Well, maybe twice, if one year it becomes a Halloween costume.  So as it is, the biggest problem right now is this #$%@#%@$@$# dress which she thinks simply does not exist or is probably still in Pluto if it does.  (Well, because she waited until the last possible minute and had to pay not just a rush charge but an extra rush charge, Charie ended up going $650 over budget.  The dress did grow on her and at least had two of the two pre-requisites: a sweetheart neckline and something close to a dropped waist.  The dress was also such a trooper and traveled in various airplane closets and storage bins for 8,524 miles with no complaints.)

Wedding Bands - These are literally the last on our list of things to buy. We plan to go over to Jared's in Woodbridge, NJ and swoop up a pair of bands for under $200. Yes, that's for both already! And what's even better, we plan to be in and out of Jared's in under 15 minutes. We've spent longer waiting at a McDonald's.  Or you know what, we'll probably just order them online and wisely spend the saved time watching TV and snacking on Quarter Pounders.  (The alternate grand plan was to hit a Silverworks kiosk as soon as we touched down in Manila.  Their website showed tungsten wedding rings beginning at a healthy and appetite-inducing $21!  And working around CAT scan machines, Eric really wanted to have tungsten bands.  The balloon was deflated pretty quickly as, trying one after the other, none of the tungsten rings looked right on Charie's finger.  So they ended up paying $0 for matching wedding bands made of white gold- a gift from Charie's parents.  Now, there you go!)

Marriage Prep - We opted not to attend weekly Pre-Cana meetings and instead will dive right into an Engaged Encounter Weekend given by the Camden Diocese.  For two nights and three days, we'll be out $295.  We hope it will be the best $295 we've ever spent to prepare ourselves- not for a wedding, but for a marriage.  Their motto, after all, is "A wedding is a day.  A marriage is a lifetime."  Cheesy and protein-laden, but true.

Invitations - We printed our own invitations using a decrepit old laser printer that sometimes smudged and sometimes didn't (mostly did, grrrr). Paper was bought online at Each invite came down to $1.52, but the whole thing turned out so well, it looked like each invite cost a swinging, banging $1.65!  So with much drum roll and a 21-gun salute, our seven step Lazy-Man's-Guide-To-DIY-Invitations is here.

Other Paper Goods - The total cost for 250 escort cards, 100 thank you cards with 100 envelopes, 100 game cards (oooh- what's this? spi-shy!), 50 entourage sheets, 250 wallet calendars (just for kicks..), 50 12-panel missalettes, 100 drink menus, 250 wishing tree tags, 1 poster, 24 circle stickers, 140 label stickers (we can go on and on until the sun goes down..) is $0.  That's not a typo.  That's really a 0 after the $.  We dove right into the VistaPrint ( promotion for free items.  We just paid shipping cost of $31.03.  What's more- this isn't really just the paper- professional and personalized printing are also included.  And since we got everything in one place, they're all coordinated and stuff.  Yey.

Entourage Gifts - We splurged a little here and got them these 1 GB credit-card type USB disks from We were kind enough to have our mugs emblazoned in color only on one side so they wouldn't need to stare at us each time they use it. Each one set us back $8. We think they will appreciate the token. And more importantly, we hope there will come an absolute emergency when they would just need such a  thingamajig. And, toingks!, there's one right there in their wallets, (hopefully)! They'll bless their lucky stars and think of us then.. Oh- and we also got them the obligatory Bath and Body Works lotion/bodywash sets.

Guest Favors - In lieu of those cute, little, dainty favors, there will be, uhh- no favors.  Unless both Eric and Charie will have flashes of creativity and industriousness (doubtful) and be inspired to make cute, little, dainty, and admit it- often times, useless favors.  But because of the expected heat and humidity, there will be simple little items here and there designed to bring a touch of comfort and convenience to the guests. 

Flowers - Kirby Villanueva of Flower Bundles will take this on for under $400.  This already includes all church decorations and entourage pieces. 

Coordinator - Amanda Tirol is a Webster entry as a synonym for "Boracay wedding coordinator," so we went straight to her.  She's helping us out a year in advance and costs $4.78 a day.   

Hair and Make-up - Our biggest joy-of-a-supplier so far is diva and bon vivant  Carmel Villongco (!).  Charie and Carmel went to elementary school together, and through the miracle that is Facebook, have reconnected after 25 years.  Because of this, Miss Rivadelo-Villongco's rate is friendly and is hidden under lock and key in Area 51.  Hair styling will be by the highly-recommended Angelu Dominguez.

Photography - This task will fall into the able hands of Philip Sison.  We're throwing in $2441 and the kitchen sink to help his very able hands.  This number already includes airfare for two, transfers for two, two-night hotel accommodations for two, and 6 hot and delish meals for two, as well. 

Videography - We ransacked the bank and went to town with this one. We signed up Mayad Studios and shelled out $597 (per videographer), a part of our souls, and one kidney.  And again, this number includes cost for transfers, meals, and hotel stays. 

Band -  For a little over $1K and a little over 2.5 hours, live music will be provided by Everyday People.  

Honeymoon - Going to a Mediterranean, Carribean, Maldivean, or any other -ean resort is so overrated. Staying in a villa, even with your own plunge pool, is so passe'. So we decided to dig really deep and rent our own private island. The only way to get to it from the main island is by a hanging footbridge or by kayak. Monkeys literally do their business outside your toilet windows. But as expected, we sadly need to pay an arm and a leg for this experience- a whopping $149 a night for all food, transfers, unlimited sea/sand/snorkelling, diving sessions, and the island itself. So where in the world do arms and legs cost this cheap? Coron in Palawan, Philippines- our favorite place, to date, within the Milky Way.




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